There are numerous types of IT Support Services available, and you must ensure that the one you select will appropriately support your company’s unique requirements. You may have heard terminology like “break/fix” or “managed service,” which all refers to different types of assistance.

When looking for IT support services Mansfield, it’s important to know the distinctions so you can make an informed selection and select the right supplier and service. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you analyze your alternatives so you can rest easy knowing your company is fully backed in the event of an IT disaster.

Traditional Break/Fix It Support Method

Break/Fix is the classic IT support paradigm, which means that if you (the client) report a problem, the IT support provider will fix it. This is normally charged on a time and materials basis, so if the problem is more difficult to remedy, you may be charged more.

Depending on the supplier, you’ll either be charged on a Pay As You Go basis or a block of hours in advance, which will be depleted with each fix performed on your behalf.

Choosing this option implies accepting the risk of downtime and repair costs, which, depending on the size of your operation, could be more expensive than a Managed Services model.

Managed IT Support and IT Services

IT managed support services are one in which the client agrees to pay a monthly fee that covers a variety of services. Among them will be:

  • A Helpdesk for IT Support
  • Comprehensive monitoring of your IT systems to detect early warning signals of oncoming problems, allowing the provider to intervene and remedy the problem as needed.
  • Strategic Advice
  • Antivirus Software & Malware Protection
  • Patch Management & Software Update
  • Management of backups and provisions
  • Management of Mobile Devices
  • IT System Health reports

You may also have a Service Level Agreement with your provider, which will specify a maximum response time based on the severity of service requests.

In most cases, an IT support managed service provider Plan will cover all support as part of the monthly charge. Make sure you contact your provider to fully understand what is and is not included, as you may be charged a hefty cost for anything that isn’t deemed part of the support package.

Look for anything like a “Change Request” in the policy materials, since this could be a separate charge.

Fees may be charged per user, per device, or for larger operations, a “fully managed service” will be provided, depending on your company’s needs and the range of the support. As consistently while picking a help model, it’s vital to carefully compare suppliers with guarantee you are looking at the contributions precisely.

The IT Service Provider assumes all risks related to the cost of downtime and repairs under this approach. This could lead to a faster resolution of difficulties, as it is in the best interests of the managed service providers in the UK to resolve concerns as soon and completely as feasible.

Break/Fix Services are best suited to businesses that:

  • Don’t rely on IT equipment and systems to run your business (they won’t stop working without them).
  • Have 10 or fewer users who can “get by” with a staff member who is minimally knowledgeable about IT.
  • Are you willing to cover the additional costs of downtime and repairs?
  • Are they able to afford to wait for a technician to react to their request?

Managed Services are best suited to companies that:

  • They want a monthly charge that is predictable and fixed and covers all they need to support their IT systems and devices.
  • require urgent, priority access to IT technicians during agreed-upon hours.
  • Can’t hire an in-house IT expert
  • Want a fully staffed and capable IT department?
  • Want a guaranteed Service Level Agreement
  • Want their IT infrastructure to be monitored in order to avoid any possible risks and reduce downtime


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