Protect your company from disaster with business data backup and recovery.

Business Continuity Chameleon Support

Loss of data is a loss in work, time, and money.

Your business data is fundamental to your business operating on a day to day basis and whether you take our services or not I employ you to questions your team in-house or externally what your current disaster recovery procedures you have in place to support your business and how long it would take to recover from a number of situations.

Most organisation will have a backup in place however are you aware or have you ever questioned how long it will take to fully recover in the eventually of a disaster? How long can your business operate without access to the application that helps you run your business, and at what point does this have a materialistic impact on your business. These are the questions that should form part of your risk assessment when evaluating what services, you require.

Business Continuity Chameleon Support
The one thing you can do to protect your business from ruin, whether it’s as a result of human error, flooding, fires, or something else, is to have a business data backup and recovery plan in place. That’s why working with data protection experts at Chameleon Support we can help advise and implement the right solution for your requirements.

Disaster recovery (DR) is an area of security planning that aims to protect an organization from the effects of significant negative events. DR allows an organization to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disaster.

Disaster recovery is a function that replicates your entire computing environment – data, systems, networks, and applications – and makes it available when your primary environment is unavailable.

Business Continuity Chameleon Support
A recovery plan includes business infrastructure like power sources, security and environmental systems. It is a priority to protect data that cannot be replaced. Some strategies for protecting and ensuring data safety include the following: Use of a system that can replicate your data offsite.
Use of tapes for backup which are then transferred off-site regularly.
Backups that are automatically transferred or copied to offsite disks.
Replicating data to off-site locations.
Business Continuity Chameleon Support