What are the benefits of a cloud network?

A cloud network can be an extension of your on premises environment. The place to back-up all of your data and control your network wherever you are, whenever you want. Our cloud infrastructure offers unrivalled security, off-site back-up and accessibility from wherever you are.

You can run your entire business in the cloud which can be scaled up and down as and when you require this making it extremely cost effective, secure, and reliable.

It is a market that has been dominated by AWS since day one, when it entered the sector in 2006. Now, Synergy Research Group’s figures for Q3 2019 have AWS as the clear market leader globally for public IaaS and PaaS market share at 33 percent, followed by Microsoft at 16 percent, Google at 8 percent and Alibaba at 5 percent.

Despite AWS’s dominance, Microsoft has gained ground under the leadership of “cloud first” CEO Satya Nadella, building a huge global cloud network of its own.

We know that the needs of a business can change, which is we offer a cloud network you can utilise and grow alongside it. We will help you select and set up your cloud management network to meet the demands of your business with the capabilities and provisions to grow in the future.

As you cloud server partner, we will be monitoring things for you 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. This is to ensure your cloud is running smoothly and you are receiving the best possible service.

Of course, even with a proactive approach, issues can still occur. Our state of the art systems will monitor your IT equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – chances are, we’ll know about any issues before you’ve even realised yourself! And you can rest assured that, if any issues arise, we’ll be on hand to resolve the problem, quickly and efficiently.

For further information about our professional, Proactive IT Support services for businesses, get in touch today – our skilled and experienced team are ready and waiting to help!