Microsoft 365 is a flexible software solution for any business. But it’s not the only player on the market, it even has to compete with its desktop predecessor. When you’re thinking about introducing a new piece of software into your company it’s important to know whether it’s a good fit.

So what are the pros and cons of moving over to Office 365? Here we break down some advantages and disadvantages of using Office 365 in simple terms.

  1. Remote access: Microsoft 365 allows employees to access emails and documents from anywhere in the world. Colleagues or employees can then report or collaborate from any location with access to the internet. Absent or mobile workers can stay up with existing or evolving workflows by accessing and responding to email messages or obtaining documents saved in Microsoft 365, for example. If internet access is lost, employees can continue working on a desktop version and then synchronize their work once internet access is restored.
  1. Outworking: Because Microsoft 365 is hosted in the cloud, it allows users to share, collaborate on, and update files from a variety of locations. This is ideal for companies that wish to allow staff to work from home. Firms may save a lot of money on office space, electricity bills, travel expenditures, and paper by allowing employees to work on shared documents without needing to be in the same location.
  2. IT support: Engineers at Microsoft 365 are always checking and updating their software. The advantage is that the Microsoft tech team will walk consumers through all they need to know, from basic setup to troubleshooting. Their IT team handles all of the “hard liftings,” so their clients can focus on running their businesses. Home users and small enterprises without their own IT staff, in particular, will feel secure knowing that the Microsoft 365 team has everything covered.
  3. Budget: Simply switching to Microsoft office 365 services could help you save money on third-party software and services on a monthly or annual basis. For many years, Microsoft has been the leading creator of easy-to-use software and integrated solutions for homes, businesses, and education. All of their research and knowledge is continually channeled into their most recent software versions, which include updates and patches at no additional cost to their users. Everything is covered by the monthly subscription price.
  4. Security Features: When considering using Cloud-based systems such as Microsoft 365 services in Mansfield, there are always concerns about the security of data stored remotely. Several enterprise-grade security measures are included in Microsoft 365. It offers features to address all of the most pressing security concerns. For example, if a phone or computing device is lost or stolen, there is a data-loss prevention option that can restore important work, as well as a mobile device protection feature that can wipe data in seconds. Another security feature protects against phishing emails and malware attachments that constitute a security risk.
  5. Choice of Plans: Microsoft offers a variety of options for different types of users. Users, students, and businesses can choose a plan that meets their present needs, then upgrade later to incorporate additional features by requesting a different plan.

These are just a few of the numerous advantages of utilizing Microsoft 365.

There are some potential disadvantages as well, therefore here are the disadvantages:

  1. Internet Reliability: Because Microsoft 365 is an internet-based system, users who do not have access to the internet or who encounter frequent downtime may struggle with it. Microsoft has included a desktop version to meet this scenario, allowing users to work offline for a period of time before uploading and synchronizing their data once they arrive in an area with a stronger internet connection. However, several customers have reported issues with regaining access and software de-registration.
  2. Security Concerns: Many people are understandably concerned about the security implications of storing their work in the Cloud. Hackers are attracted to centralized systems, but as we previously stated, Microsoft takes security very seriously and has created a variety of methods to protect customers’ credentials. Other companies offer security solutions, but will they update them as frequently as Microsoft?
  1. Compatibility Problems: When new software is introduced, business owners are often ecstatic about the features, only to realize that their desktops or laptops are incompatible. Microsoft also creates operating systems, although there are still incompatibilities. Changing to a different version of Microsoft Office, a different operating system, or replacing your PCs are frequently your only options.

There are numerous advantages to utilizing Microsoft 365 for work, home, or school, and as the world continues to shift online, businesses and colleges are constantly attempting to keep up. This method of storing and working on papers is extremely useful for persons who need to learn online or work and cooperate with colleagues from afar.

We believe you’ll agree that the benefits greatly outweigh the disadvantages. Purchase Microsoft 365 services in Mansfield today if you’re seeking a safe and dependable email solution with collaborative sharing and remote access.

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