• Covid: Working from Home

Working from Home Chameleon Support


The spread of the coronavirus has led to the UK finding itself in the midst of a global pandemic which will changes how businesses operate forever.

Foremost a health issue, the effect of the coronavirus epidemic is also inevitably impacting businesses everywhere – how can staff keep working, how can access to critical systems.

Cybercriminals also look to take advantage of the news, including using logos from trusted sources like the World Health Organization in phishing emails and hiding malware in COVID-19 online trackers. Your employees, especially your remote workforce, and clients are at risk – be aware of the activity !

Working from Home

  • Access to the right equipment and software – do staff have access to the right IT equipment to do their job remotely? Can they access files remotely and securely? Your work based systems may well be covered by anti virus and other protective features that will need to be replicated on home based systems.

  • Business Communications – Many businesses will have legacy Telephony system so can these be accessed remotely? How do you track incoming calls and your visibility to the outside world if you don’t have comprehensive reporting? Maintaining a stable communication internally and externally will be vital to how your business continues to thrive in the current and future climate. How many businesses have you called that don’t pickup ?

  • Good Cyber Security – reflecting practices in the workplace, staff will need good cyber security at home to protect against the company’s confidential data being compromised or networks becoming subject to malware or other cybercrime.

  • Confidentiality –Typically in the workplace, access to premises would be restricted to employees or known agents only. Not so at home, so one should be aware of other people in your home, and not leave access open when not attended

·        Availability – If your business has not embraced the cloud and your applications are stored on your office server then use a VPN whenever you’re connected to a network that you don’t control. The CIA Triad of confidentiality, integrity and availability is considered the core underpinning of information security.  Every security control and every security vulnerability can be viewed in light of one or more of these key concepts. For a security program to be considered comprehensive and complete, it must adequately address the entire CIA Triad.

Chameleon Support helps businesses make the best of their ICT to cope with adverse events and keep business working. Our experienced IT professionals can advise on improving remote worker capabilities, keeping critical systems working and keep your team functioning.

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